SUNY Shared Governance Award

The SUNY Shared Governance Award is designed to annually honor one SUNY campus that demonstrates outstanding contributions to the advancement of shared governance. This campus will exemplify the practices inherent in promoting and engaging in shared governance. Shared Governance is defined as administration, faculty, staff and student cooperation that is mutually recognized as effective engagement of the local governance structures and elected representatives on issues and policies that impact the SUNY. This award will recognize a collaborative model of governance that involves shared and timely decision making, shared accountability, collaborative dialogue, and open communication.

Information about the SUNY Shared Governance Award:

  • Shared Governance Award Memo
  • Shared Governance Award Policies and Procedures

Can be found at: http://system.suny.edu/academic-affairs/faculty-staff-awards/shared-governance-award/

Shared Governance Award Winners

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